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The Initiative

The Need

We have come a long way in turning the tide against cancer in recent years, and the potential for continued progress is unprecedented. But, we are at a pivotal juncture. Although there is remarkable opportunity for continued progress, rising healthcare costs and deficit reduction pressures are prompting policymakers to focus on ways to control expenditures. Many proposals to rein in spending would hinder the very scientific advances that can make such a difference for patients and help us address our long-term cost challenges.

Turning the Tide Against Cancer Through Sustained Medical Innovation

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), and Feinstein Kean Healthcare (FKH) convened the Turning the Tide Against Cancer initiative to address the challenge of identifying policy solutions that will sustain medical innovation, while addressing the issue of rising healthcare costs.

In June 2012, the dialogue began with the first Turning the Tide Against Cancer national conference in Washington, D.C., to identify and build support for policy pathways to accelerate progress and improve patient care in a deficit reduction environment. A second national conference in October 2014 discussed the current cancer research and care landscape, with a focus on patient-centeredness and issues around cost and value.

Since then, we have deepened our efforts to understand how alternative payment models, clinical pathways, and shared decision-making tools can support the delivery of innovative and high-quality cancer care and research.

AACR, PMC, and FKH, with guidance from a distinguished Advisory Committee comprised of individuals representing the full spectrum of stakeholders in cancer research and care, continue to shape and support an ongoing initiative that will provide collaborative leadership to identify thoughtful policy solutions that promote rather than stifle innovation.

Read our Principles and visit our Publications and Events pages to learn more about how the Turning the Tide Against Cancer initiative is convening stakeholders from across the cancer ecosystem and identifying actionable solutions to advance patient-centered, high-quality cancer care and research.

The Ecosystem of Stakeholders

The cancer community faces many challenges in our efforts to foster scientific progress and improve life for cancer patients. By bringing all the stakeholders together, stimulating dialogue, and communicating with policymakers, we are working toward defining a future that fosters research and accelerates the delivery of new and improved care for patients. Organizations and individuals from all sectors are welcome to add their voices to this critical endeavor.