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Turning the Tide Against Cancer National Conference 2012

The Turning the Tide Against Cancer Through Sustained Medical Innovation national conference was held on June 12, 2012 to consider the status and future of innovation in cancer research and care and was co-hosted by the Personalized Medicine Coalition, American Association for Cancer Research, and Feinstein Kean Healthcare. The conference discussion highlighted key trends in cancer science and clinical care and began to identify and build support for policy pathways to accelerate progress and improve patient care in an era of healthcare cost containment.

The conference focused on three broad areas to advance solutions:

  • Adapting to a changing cancer research and care ecosystem: Scientific advances, emerging evidence-generation tools, the changing role of the patient in research, and clinical adoption.
  • Valuing innovation and progress: Defining value in cancer care, stakeholder perceptions of value, and current approaches to measuring value.
  • Aligning policy with the emerging science Evolving regulatory systems, managing big data, empowering patients, and measuring value in cancer care.

The conference brought together 200+ leaders from across the cancer community to discuss the emerging science, policies, and business environment necessary for sustaining innovation and driving our evolution toward personalized cancer care.